1. My 2013 in 15sec. Almost 200 shows, lots of travel, lots of waiting, lots of love to my friends and family. Xo

  2. Here endeth the touring of 2013. Stick a fork in me, I’m done. Xo

  3. Snow covered houses in what I think is the prettiest city in all of The Europe. Berne. (at Läuferplatz)

  4. Slo mo snow angel in the making. (at Nyon)


  5. Share More Air

    Last week I told you about the Share More Air project I am involved with where I wrote music to lyrics that had been written by East London school kids.

    The other night I got to perform my song ‘I Know Where Everything Is’ at the launch of the record. I was so happy to meet Emmanuella and Clarissa who wrote the lyrics to my song.

    Have a listen to our collaboration.


  6. I Know Where Everything Is!

    Hey guys. A couple of months ago I recorded a song for Share More Air. It’s a collaboration between Communion Records, the Ministry of Stories. Sounds religious, but it’s not! 

    Basically they got a whole bunch of kids to write lyrics, thenasked musos to write music to said lyrics. The album is great! My song is called ‘I Know Where Everything Is’. It’s about pretty much knowing where everything in the world is and asking the big question: Does the sea have a shadow?!!!! Love that question.

    I’m really excited about this project! So check it out when you can. xoB

    iTunes link here:https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/ministry-stories-share-more/id735228912 



  7. -2 degree welcome back to London. The streets are paved with gold and diamonds from up here.

  8. -2 degree welcome back to London. The streets are paved with gold and diamonds from up here. (at Air)


  9. Before Upon Ayr was Upon Ayr in my head I was going to call my album ‘Darkness Is Just Distance Dimmed’. I wanted to try and capture the sentiment that darkness (literal and metaphorical darkness) is nothing to be afraid of. Turning darkness into a kind of mathematical/scientific problem by saying it’s just distance (space) dimmed (with the light turned down)…

    Anyway it started getting hard to explain the meaning of the title to friends and it was a bit of a mouthful, I was looking for something simpler hence: Upon Ayr.

    I still loved the term though so I wrote this song while writing songs for the album. I demoed it and for what ever reason it didn’t tread water like the rest so was left behind. But I still like it. XoB

    Darkness Is Just Distance Dimmed is an unreleased song from the Upon Ayr demo sessions.


  10. In The Blink Of An Eye.

    The blink of an eye lasts for about 0.4 seconds. This adds up to 30 minutes a day and about 5 years in a lifetime spent with your eyes closed blinking. It’s still not entirely known why we blink. Thanks Radiolab. Pic by Matt Booy. xoB